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Armed Security

We strive at providing the safest security possible no matter your destination. Armed & Unarmed services are available.

Attorney Services

We have a wide variety of attorneys on call ready to help you with your needs. All while providing you with the assurance and comfort needed.

Computer Forensics

Protecting and improving your computer. We now provide computer scanning, hack prevention, CPU cleaning and safety services.


Happy Clients


Years of Experience


Successful Investigations


Private Investigation Cases

Background Checks

In business, background searches offer vital intelligence that helps companies make smarter, more strategic decisions on countless matters, ranging from day-to-day operations and industry compliance, to investment opportunities and commercial partnerships—and everything in between. We simplify the background search process by meeting all your needs with one comprehensive tool—a trusted solution that puts volumes of public records search data at your fingertips, in seconds.

Armed & Unarmed Escort

Our officers are intelligent, highly skilled, and trustworthy.  We employ current and former law enforcement as well as Veterans.  Executive Protection Officers are responsible for the transportation and protection of high profile clients.  Serving as a member of a secure vehicle package requires a particularly competent individual that is capable of multitasking at the highest levels. Continuously scanning for threats, maintaining lines of communication with local law enforcement, receiving intelligence about local conditions and potential threats, and safeguarding end to end delivery of the client are some of the tasks that our Executive Protection Team Members are tasked with performing.


At JagX Security & Investigations, our private investigators have experience performing covert surveillance for a variety of types of clients and situations. With our covert surveillance services, our private investigator can collect video, photographic, and visual evidence and provide detailed reports for any covert surveillance operation. This evidence will provide you with the answers and proof that you need. Our surveillance records and video footage can be used as evidence in domestic, civil, or criminal hearings and litigation.


Asset investigations (a.k.a. Asset Search, Asset Check) involve a nationwide search of public records to locate personal property or real estate held by a person or corporate entity. These searches will uncover value and any potential liabilities that may be tied to the property. An asset investigation can also tell you how secure someone’s assets are – before you trust a company or individual with your business. An asset investigation can also tell you how secure someone’s assets are – before you trust a company or individual with your business.

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